Why Choose a Finger Buffet for Your Wedding Reception?

Published: 30th April 2010
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A finger food buffet is a great way to serve a large group of people. It allows them to try new things while still staying within their comfort zone. What's even nicer about a buffet filled with finger foods is that your guests will be more likely to try new things.

Opting for a finger food based menu is a great idea for your wedding reception:-

• Cost - Normally, a selection of finger foods even gourmet hors d'oeuvres, will be less expensive than a fully catered meal. Alongside this, a finger food buffet will also save you money on renting cutlery and china, as well as costing less for service. If you are running to a tight budget then you may choose to make some of the finger food yourself.

• Timing - Finger foods are great for receptions that fall between regular meal times, such as late morning or early afternoon events. They are also the perfect choice for shorter receptions, which may in turn lower rental costs for the location.

• Formality - Finger foods can be suitable for either a formal or a casual wedding, depending on the exact menu selection. Cheese and crackers are fine for a casual event, while a more exotic selection can be used for a more formal affair.

• Variety - By choosing smaller finger foods over the normal 3 course meal, you allow much more scope for variety. This can work excellently for larger receptions, where you will be catering to diverse range of tastes and likes and dislikes.

Finger food ideas for your wedding

The Classics Shrunk

One style of finger foods that always go down well is miniature versions of classic British comfort food dishes. For example, miniature Yorkshire puddings, topped with roast beef, horseradish and a light drizzle of gravy sauce. Another great example of this is a small sausage, split open with mashed potato piped into the sausage, served with a brown sauce dip. These are all classic flavour combinations that your guests will already love, so will be sure to go down a treat.


Tapas is a Spanish specialty which is fast becoming popular all over the world, and it's easy to see why. They are ideal finger foods, delicious, small, portable and usually interesting. From the fairly familiar mini-empanada (which can be filled with savoury or sweet fillings) to Spain's ubiquitous bacalao. It is up to you (and what you think your guests will like) as to how authentic you want to be.


Indian food is an ideal choice for your buffet, with so many dishes that have always been eaten as finger food. A selection of samosas (both meat and vegetable), bahjis, naan bread and miniature versions of your favourite curries wrapped in chapattis are sure to be enjoyed by your wedding party.


Another style of food that lends itself, due to its origins as easy bite size food, to great tasting finger food is the traditional Japanese dish of sushi. There many different types of sushi, most containing raw fish, rice and vegetables. Sushi is also a great vegetarian alternative as it contains no meat.

When choosing a finger food menu, you should always consider the varied tastes of your guests by providing a wide enough selection so anyone with unusual diets such as vegetarian, lactose intolerant and diabetic can enjoy the wedding feast. Furthermore, offering classic comfort foods and more exotic gourmet treats gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy their favourite food as well as sample new dishes.

A wedding finger food reception can be delicious, economical, and beautiful all at once. With a wide range of dishes to choose from as well as many options for exotic displays, you can enjoy a complete menu of finger foods without condemning your budget with an elaborate gourmet meal.

We hope this article will have helped you decide whether a finger buffet is right for your wedding reception and also given you some ideas on what you might like to serve.

Anna Barrington writes for Total Hospitality who provide top class professional caterers in and around London. They provide catering for indoor and outdoor functions including weddings, finger buffets london and other events.

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